Santa Monica

Hotel Santa Monica

The Hotel Santa Monica, located in the charming and magical colonial city of San Miguel de Allende is a hotel full of history and Mexican traditions with a Colonial Architecture from the 17th Century. 


They had a need for a complete web redesign since previously their customers could not navigate it on mobile phones or tablets. The navigation was confusing, the site took aa long time to load, and it did not appear in Google searches for mismanagement of SEO.


Currently, the site works responsively so you can navigate correctly regardless of where the site is viewed from (Tablet, smartphone, laptop etc). We wanted to give priority to the photos of the place so we designed an unintrusive graphic interface and improved the SEO to make the site appear in google with relevant searches.


Today through simple steps, users can easily book and view the site from any device and subscribe to the monthly newsletter. Visit the site here:

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