Simon Hamui
Branding / Digital / Video

Simon Hamui

Branding & Diseño Web

Fuimos contactados por Johnny Hamui quien representaba al estudio de diseño y manufactura especializado en mobiliario contemporáneo. Buscaba darle mayor fuerza al branding de Simon Hamui y una página web, funcional, moderna y fácil de navegar. Le propusimos cambiar por completo la papelería y la página web por algo más funcional, simple y con mayor personalidad.


Tarjetas de presentación
Hojas Membretadas
Sobre Bolsa

User Experience Design
Diseño Web Responsive

Video corporativo

The Website

Responsive web & Development

We made a modular grid that would adapt well to different sized in different browsers, letting the user visualize the website from any device. To reinforce the brand values we made a Corporate video in which we show the customers the handcrafted process and dedication with which the furniture is designed and fabricated.

We also developed a CMS so our client could upload new projects to his website in the backend without any need for programming knowledge. 

Contact Us
If you have a project in which we could be of help please contact us. We would be more than happy to answer an email take a call, or get together to speak in person.  T. +52 (55) 6366 2724